Women-focused tours

Why tours about women ?

Madam Elisabeth

Paris is a dazzling city full of history, where women, who often played a prominent part in it, were forgotten. Very few streets remind us of their essential role (less than 4%) and very few statues testify to their importance in the past.


edgard degas the danse classroom

Traditional guided tours often talk about great men, like Napoleon or Louis XIV, but  great women are often neglected, except for their negative sides.

This is why I decided to create guided tours based on female leading figures in Paris.

Sarah Bernhardt

Learn about these riveting characters who were writers, artists, scientists, role models, muses, mothers and wives, lovers, criminals, saints, revolutionaries and queens who deserve to be highlighted.

Empress Eugénie

I would love to share my female Paristories with you.

Check the following sections, for more gender-balanced tours :

Let’s talk about lesser-told stories of inspirational women. A guided tour features the female’s role during the French Revolution. Discover the captivating women of Saint-Germain-des-Pres, the Marais, Montmartre, Versailles or in the golden triangle (tour called Luxury and Sensuality).

My favorite women-focused tours

Join me on one of my favourite tours about women. Go back in time to put yourself in the shoes of a Parisian woman during the French Revolution.

Learn much more about Marie-Antoinette following her steps at Versailles palace, the Petit Trianon and the Queen’s hamlet. Then continue the journey in Paris to admire her furniture at the Louvre, to see where she lived and died and where she was eventually buried.

Or visit in the outskirts of Paris, la Malmaison the splendid house where Napoleon and Josephine resided during the Consulate.