Giverny, water lilies pond with a weeping willow tree

World-renowned garden created by impressionist painter Claude Monet, this garden is in fact, divided in two parts. The flower garden also called the Clos Normand, where the main pink house stands. Full of perspectives, symmetries and colours with its numerous flowerbeds, it changes its appearance according to the season. The water garden accross the road, became later his main source of inspiration for the Waterlilies.

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Giverny cherry tree in blossom in the garden

General information

Admission fee : 9,50 € per adult. Special price for groups. Opening hours : opened every day from March 23 to November 1, 9h30-18h.

Giverny the flower garden

Guided tour

Guided tour for approximately 1h30. No guiding allowed inside the house.

My favorite trips around Paris

Join me on one of my favourite guided trips around Paris. Enjoy a visit of la Malmaison, the splendid house where Napoleon and Josephine resided during the Consulate. Monet’s garden at Giverny is a very relaxing and peacefull area, at lunch time especially. Vaux-le-Vicomte is according to me the best palace to discover outside Paris, contemporary to Versailles, but less busy.