Auvers sur Oise

auvers sur oise church painted by van gogh

Auvers sur Oise, just 20 miles away from the French capital, is remembered as Vincent Van Gogh’s last residence, who spent approximately seventy days in the village. This was the place where he died at the age of 37. We will stroll through the sreets to admire the most famous church in the outskirts of Paris, thanks to his painting. Later, we continue towards the cemetery, at the edge of the village, where he lies. In the Auberge Ravoux, where a museum has been created, you will be able to watch a short movie about the artist and to take a glance at the room he rented. It is also possible to visit the little absinth museum (a drink historically linked to the 19th century artists) and to add a tasting. Minimum of eight hours by train. With a private vehicle you need about 4 or 5 hours. No admission fee is included. Paid on the spot.

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auvers sur oise van gogh graveyard

General information

The admission fee for the Auberge Ravoux is 6 € per adult, including the movie. The absinth museum costs 4 € for a simple visit and 8€ with a tasting.

Guided tour

The tour takes about two hours to stroll in the village, including the visit of the Auberge Ravoux. Add one hour more for the absinth museum, with a tasting.

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