Marie-Antoinette Tour

Marie Antoinette from Mme Vigée Le Brun

3 days in the footsteps of Marie-Antoinette

Marie-Antoinette is probably the most renowned queen of France, an iconic woman, who brought thousands of people to Versailles, the palace where she resided for almost twenty years. The French Revolution changed the rules : she had to live in Paris, at the Tuileries palace, and was then imprisoned in two different jails. She was put in La Conciergerie, two months before being executed on the Concorde Square. Buried for a short period in a cemetery nearby, her brother-in-law, Louis XVIII, decided to build a chapel on her grave, named « Expiatory Chapel ». Many years later, the sovereign ordered the transfer of his brother Louis XVI and his wife, Marie-Antoinette to Saint Denis Basilica outside of Paris.

This special tour is for sure essentially focused on Marie-Antoinette but many other characters will be mentioned.

3 days : 2 full days of 8 hours and one half day more.

It is possible to split this special tour into several half days.

For example : you may choose to take only one full day tour or two only, even in a different order.

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Queen's hamlet

Day 1 : Versailles

Full day visit at Versailles : follow Marie-Antoinette in the palace, at the Petit Trianon and the Queen's Hamlet.

The Conciergerie gens d'armes room

Day 2 : Paris

Full day in Paris : Beginning at the Conciergerie, then, continue through the Tuileries gardens, and finish with the Expiatory Chapel.

Marie Antoinette' statue

Day 3 : Paris and Saint Denis

Half day at  Saint Denis : the basilica, outstanding abbey located in the outskirts of the French capital, is really a worthwhile place to visit for its large number of royal tombs.

Most tours require an extensive walk and few steps.

Price : 500 € for 8 hours (one full day tour) or 300 € for 4 hours (half day tour), 50 € for each extra hour.

No entrance fee, meal or tranport included. Groups limited to 25 people at the Louvre and 30 people at Versailles per guide.

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Learn much more about Marie-Antoinette following in her footsteps at Versailles. Then continue the journey in Paris to see where she lived, was imprisoned and executed and where she was eventually buried.

Or visit in the outskirts of Paris, la Malmaison, the splendid house where Napoleon and Josephine resided during the Consulate.