Women of the French Revolution

Go back to the time of the French Revolution, when women tried to change the world to get more freedom. Leading female figures like Olympe de Gouges who published the Declaration of Women’s Rights and the Female Citizen, Madame Roland, and Theroigne de Mericourt were really exceptional characters. Queen Marie-Antoinette is probably the most famous woman connected with that terrible period of French History. But lesser-known women also participated in the main events of 1789. Follow in their footsteps on a guided tour.

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General information

The walking tour takes around 2 hours.

Marie Antoinette on the tumbril

Guided tour

The tour is mainly located around Saint-Germain-des- Pres quarter and the Ile de la Cite.

My favorite tours

Join me on one of my favourite theme tours. Go back in time to put yourself in the shoes of a Parisian woman during the French Revolution.

Learn much more about Marie-Antoinette following her steps at Versailles palace, the Petit Trianon and the Queen’s hamlet. Then continue the journey in Paris to admire her furniture at the Louvre, to see where she lived and died and where she was eventually buried.

Or visit in the outskirts of Paris, la Malmaison, the splendid house where Napoleon and Josephine resided during the Consulate.