The Expiatory CHapel

Commemorative monument constructed by king Louis XVIII, in memory of his brother king Louis XVI and sister-in-law queen Marie-Antoinette, at the exact location of their original burial place. After their execution on the Concorde square, they remained buried here for nearly two decades before their bodies were transferred to the basilica of Saint Denis, where they have been interred since 1815. Completed a few years later, the crypt where both were inhumed is still considered a place of pilgrimage for many people. Nevertheless they were not the only famous characters interred here, as mass graves were used for other important figures such as Mme du Barry, Philippe-Egalite, Charlotte Corday and Olympe de Gouges.

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Louis XVI's statue


Entrance fee : 6 € adult. Special conditions for groups. Opening hours : April to Sept, (Tue to Sat : 10h-12h30, 13h30-18h30). Oct to March closed earlier (17h), plus closed on Wed.

Louis XVI black marble grave


Tour of the Expiatory Chapel for approximately 1h30.

Marie Antoinette' statue

women of the expiatory chapel

A tour related to Marie-Antoinette in the Expiatory Chapel. Other great female figures related with the French Revolution will be evoked.

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