In the outskirts of Paris, Malmaison was the residence of Josephine and Napoleon during the short period of the Consulate. It was mainly a showcase for Josephine’s flowers, where her passion for botany could blossom. This human-size mansion was rather quickly decorated by architects Percier and Fontaine, who imposed the neoclassical style. Very well preserved and decorated with some original pieces of furniture and paintings. After the divorce in 1809, Josephine spent her last few years there, until she died in 1814.

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malmaison josephine and napoleon house outside paris the dining room


Admission fee : 6,50 € per adult. Special fares for groups. Opening hours : 10h-12h30 and 13h30-17h15 (from April to Sept until 17h45).

malmaison josephine and napoleon house the library


Guided tour of the castle for approximately 2 hours and explanations about the garden.

Josephine Napoleon's wife

Women under Napoleon

Guided tour about women of this period of French History, related to Napoleon. His wife Josephine, her daughter Hortense, his mother and his sisters.

My favorite trips around Paris

Join me on one of my favourite guided trips around Paris. Enjoy a visit of la Malmaison, the splendid house where Napoleon and Josephine resided during the Consulate. Monet’s garden at Giverny is a very relaxing and peacefull area, at lunch time especially. Vaux-le-Vicomte is according to me the best palace to discover outside Paris, contemporary to Versailles, but less busy.