The covered passages

The covered passages of Paris are the early form of shopping arcade mainly created in the 19th century. Over 150 in the past, only two dozen remain today. Architectural curiosities with common identities like glass ceilings, highly ornementations and decorations, lined with shops, cafes and restaurants on the ground floor, heated and artificially illuminated at night. Often designed as shortcuts between two commercial streets. Each passage has its own special character and lots of different stories to tell.

A tour reladed to women of the arcades is available, apart from the tour of the highlights.

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Galerie Véro Dodat café de l'époque


Walking tour of two hours. Mainly flat. Distance around 2 miles.

Passage des Panoramas


The walking tour takes you though the Palais Royal, galerie Vero-Dodat, galerie Vivienne, passage des Panoramas and a few more.

Colette french writer

Women of the covered passages

This special tour around the arcades is related to female writers, courtisans and artists who contributed to their fame.

My favorite walking tours

Join me on one of my favourite walking tours around the Marais quarter and its amazing old mansions. The Place des Vosges is undoubtedly the most magnificent square of Paris to me.

The covered passages of Paris with its old fashioned shops and architecture dating back to the 19th century show reminiscence of French writers like Maupassant, Proust or Colette.