The Conciergerie

The Conciergerie was a former medieval royal palace, residence of famous french kings such as Philippe Auguste, Saint Louis and Philippe the Fair. Named after the Concierge, the king’s steward who had many privileges. Used as a prison at an early date, used later by the Parliament, it became especially famous for the Revolutionary tribunal in 1793. During this period, over 2 700 prisoners spent there last hours  here. Among the victims, was queen Marie-Antoinette, executed  at the age of 37.

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Marie Antoinette in prison


Entrance fee : 9 € adult. Combined ticket with the Sainte Chapelle : 15 €. Special conditions for groups. Opening hours : 9h-18h everyday.

conciergerie museum the former guards room durint the middle agesguard


Guided tour : 1h30 to 2h. Possible visit with the Sainte Chapelle next to it : 2h-3h.

Marquise de Brinvilliers

Women at the Conciergerie

Tour related to female characters who where imprisoned here at different periods, like queen Marie-Antoinette, the Comtesse de la Motte, or the Marquise de Brinvilliers.

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