Opera Garnier

Built as a showcase for the splendors of the Second Empire by architect Charles Garnier, inaugurated in 1875, it is one of the most magnificent monuments of Paris. At the origin of the story « the Phantom of the Opera ». Its sumptuous auditorium with its red velvet seats received a new ceiling painting by Marc Chagall in the 1960’s. But the most amazing part is undoubtedly the splendid colored marble staircase divided into two divergent flights and decored with female figures carrying torches.

You can choose a guided tour of the highlights at the Opera Garnier or a tour about women who are related to the building. Maria Callas did her last representation in public here and many prestigious guests attended the shows. Female singers, dancers and workers are worthwhile to evoke.

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opera garnier gorgeous double straight staircase


Entrance fee : 14 € adult, with an exhibition, 12 € without. Special conditions for groups.

Opening hours : 10h-17h everyday.

opera garnier the splendid grand hall with lit up chandeliers


A tour of the highlights at the Opera House would take approximately 1h30-2h. The auditorium is not always opened to visitors, depending on the rehearsals.

opera garnier ballerinas dancing in the grand staircase

Incredible women at the Opera house

A tour related with great female figures of the opera house, including divas like Maria Callas, ballerinas, workers, prestigious guests, and opera’s characters.

My favorite monuments

Join me to visit some of my favourite monuments of Paris. The Opera Garnier has an unbelievable architecture and it keeps fascinating me.

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