Musee Jacquemart-André

The highlights of musee Jacquemart-Andre are dispersed throughout a wonderful mansion of the 19th century. Built by a couple very different in taste but sharing the same passion for art and travel.

Nelie Jacquemart was particularly interested in Italian Renaissance. While her husband Edouard Andre was fond of the French 18th century art works. In fact, this is the one of the few museums of Paris where you can appreciate such a splendid collection located in a gorgeous house.

Here, women are everywhere you look around at musee Jacquemart-Andre. For instance, they are represented in many works as models. Admire them in paintings and sculptures, especially busts. Such as representations in religious, mythological or historical subjects.

Nelie Jacquemart the owner of the house, was one of the few female artists of that period, as well as Mme Vigee Lebrun, who preceeded her as an official painter for queen Marie-Antoinette and who did portraits of several aristocrats in Europe.

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jacquemart andre museum beautiful entrance building


Entrance fee : 14,50€ per adult. Special price for a group. Limited to 25 people per guide. Opening time : 9h-18h. On Mondays until 20.30. Opened everyday. For more information click here.

jacquemart andre museum winter garden with a gorgeous staircase


Highlights of the museum, for approximately 1H30-2h. Two levels : the groud floor with mainly furniture and paintings dating back to the 18th century and the upper level with the Italian collection of art works. End the tour at the wonderful tea room.

Portrait of countess Skavonskaïa by Mme Vigée Lebrun female painter at musée Jacquemart André

Women of Jacquemart-Andre

A guided tour more specialised in women’s representations in artworks and on the female owner of the current museum, Nelie Jacquemart. See more women-focused tours.

My favorite museums

The Louvre is for sure the most famous museum in Paris but there are some less visited places also worthwhile. Visit Jacquemart-Andre museum which offers at the same time some fantastic Renaissance art pieces, furniture and decor dating back to the 18th century. This is one of the most marvellous mansions of Paris, where many receptions were made in the 19th century. Let me explain you the extraordinary life of Nelie Jacquemart who was one of the few female painters of the period. Rodin museum is also one of my favourite museum for its setting, its peaceful garden and the fantastic works done by one of the major sculptor of France. Camille Claudel, Rodin’ student and lover was an excellent artist too. Get a specific tour related with these exceptional women in both museums. Furthermore, don’t miss the Musee d’Orsay where women are so often represented.