Notre Dame cathedral is probably the most famous and visited of all the monuments we have in Paris. Nevertheless, at the time, it is currently closed to visitors, so come to admire the magnificent Sainte Chapelle and Conciergerie. Above all, the Opera House really deserves a guided tour to appreciate its unbelievable architecture. If you are more interested in celebrities, have a look at the Pere Lachaise cemetery or the Pantheon.

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Commissioned by Napoleon III, Charles Garnier’s opera house was inaugurated in 1875. First of all, have a look at the spectacular horse-shoe shaped auditorium. Its ceiling was decorated by Marc Chagall. An astonishing staircase is located right in the middle of the building. Mainly famous for being the birthplace of the story “the Phantom of the Opera”. Discover this sumptuous construction, following a standard visit. Besides, another tour is related to incredible women such as ballerinas, courtesans or singers like Maria Callas.


King Saint Louis decided to build the Sainte Chapelle to display the holy relics of Jesus Christ. As a matter of fact, this gem of radiant gothic is really a must-see of Paris. Stunning stained glass windows depicting scenes from the Bible surround you in the upper level. A standard guided tour is available as well as a tour related to biblical female characters and women of the king’s family.


A former royal castle during the Middle Ages, it was turned into a prison at an early date. Mainly known for being a prison during the French Revolution, many prestigious people, were incarcerated here. As for example, Marie-Antoinette, just before her execution at the time of the Terror. Follow in the footsteps of the queen and many other captivating characters.


Originally built as a catholic church by king Louis XV during the mid 18th Century, it was turned into a mausoleum during the French Revolution. Since then great men of French History have been regularly buried here. Today the mausoleum contains approximately 80 famous characters, such as Victor Hugo, Marie Curie and Alexandre Dumas.


One of the main attractions of the city, which limits the number of people entering in one go. The catacombs are located in former limestone quarries. It is the largest ossuary of the city where remains from various Parisian cemeteries, closed at the end of the 18th century, were placed.


The most visited monument of Paris until recently. Closed for renovation since the fire on the roof in April 2019, we hope that it will soon open again to the public. World-famous cathedral, thanks to Victor Hugo’s book “the Hunchback”, it is one of the oldest cathedrals of France, with more than 850 years of history.


Previously a military hospital under Louis XIV, the so-called Sun King, it is one of the largest buildings in Paris. It is mainly visited for the tomb of Napoleon, a world-famous personality. But he is not the only soldier buried in the chapel : two of his brothers are interred here, as well as Marechal Foch.

Pere Lachaise cemetery

Largest green park in the city centre, Pere Lachaise cemetery is also the most frequented for the number of celebrities burried there, including Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf and Frederic Chopin, to name but a few.


Built as a commemorative monument at the exact location where Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette were buried after their execution nearby on the Concorde square, then called Revolution square. Commissioned in 1815 by the brother of the king, called Louis XVIII and completed many years later under the last Bourbon king, Charles X.


Mausoleum of the French Kings for nearly one thousand years, the basilica of Saint Denis is a treasure not to be missed, located just outside Paris. First example of the gothic style introduced in France. This is an extraordinary place to visit for the incredible number of well-preserved statues dating back to the Middle Ages, well preserved. Take a tour of the highlights or a tour about queens and princesses.

My favorite monuments

Join me to visit some of my favourite monuments of Paris. The Opera Garnier has an unbelievable architecture and it keeps fascinating me.

The Pere Lachaise cemetery is really a place to stroll around, to discover its amazing statues and graves. Its quiet alleys surrounded by old trees, are full of charm.

Basilica of Saint Denis is a delightful monument, where you can appreciate the most important number of recumbent medieval statues and the first example of the gothic style in France.